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Independent Study

The Independent Study (IS) program at Osprey is designed as an alternative program which allows students to attend school in a more flexible environment. Independent Study offers a means of individualizing an educational plan for students whose needs may best be met through study outside of the regular classroom setting. Curriculum is provided by Independent Study teachers. Students meet with their teacher one hour per week. The Secondary Independent Study Program at Osprey is an optional alternative instructional strategy by which students may reach curriculum objectives and fulfill high school graduation requirements. The Independent Study Program Classroom is mainly located at the South Fork High School Campus and the contact phone number is (707) 943-3144.



Aguiar, Cyndi                       Principal                                             cyndiaguiar@sohumusd.com


Office Staff

Etherton, Marie                  Secretary                                            marieetherton@sohumusd.com



Kitts, Clifford                      IS Teacher, Grades k-12                  cliffordkitts@sohumusd.com

Ogden, Kelly                       IS Teacher, Grades 9-12                  kellyogden@sohumusd.com