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The Continuation High School Class at Osprey is designed as an alternative program which allows students to attend high school in a more flexible environment. Continuation curriculum is aligned with the California Department of Education’s Model Curriculum Standards. Osprey Continuation High School runs from 9:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and is located behind the Redway Elementary School Office, in Portable Classroom #21. Please contact Redway School Office @ (707) 923-2526, to be transferred to the Continuation High School Class.

Continuation High School Goals

  • Provide educational opportunities for students who have credit deficiency, and attendance and/or behavior problems which require a small school environment to be successful.
  • Assess each student’s academic skills upon entry to design a program with a course of study appropriate to his/her ability level which will meet district graduation requirements.
  • Deliver an academic program, career development, and social services to students to enhance their potential for success as responsible citizens, family members, and workers.



Steffano-Davis, Stephanie          Principal           stephaniesteffanodavis@sohumusd.com

Office Staff

Connolly, Rochelle                       Secretary           rochelleconnolly@sohumusd.com


Ogden, Kelly                  Teacher Grades 9-12       kellyogden@sohumusd.com