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How to File a Complaint (Under Construction)

There are many different types of complaints that can be filed. Please read the following instructions to determine the type of complaint you are wishing to file and the proper procedure to follow. 

Every effort should be made for the early, informal resolution of complaints at the site level first. Whenever possible, the complainant communicates directly to the employee in order to resolve concerns. If a complainant is unable or unwilling to resolve the complaint directly with the employee, they can submit an oral or written complaint to the employee’s immediate supervisor or the principal.

All complaints related to district personnel other than administrators need to be submitted in writing to the principal or immediate supervisor before any further action is taken. If the complainant is unable to prepare the complaint in writing, administrative staff  is able to help them to do so.

Complaints related to a principal or central office administrator need to be initially filed in writing with the Superintendent or designee. Complaints related to the Superintendent need to be initially filed in writing with the Board.

Refer to the following board policies below and make sure to include the following information in the complaint:

  1. The full name of any/all employees involved and complainants.
  2. A brief but specific summary of the complaint and the facts surrounding it.
  3. A specific description of any prior attempt to discuss the complaint with the employee, if applicable and the failure to resolve the matter.

Types of Complaints:

  1. Complaints Concerning District Employees AR 1312.1 
    1. Procedure for Complaints Concerning District Employees BP 1312.1 
  2. Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials AR 1312.2 
    1. Procedure Regarding Resolution of Complaints for Instructional Materials BP 1312.2 
    2. Request-for-Consideration-of-Instructional-Material.pdf”>Complaint Form Concerning Instructional Materials E 1312.2 
  3. Uniform Complaint Procedures BP 1312.3 
    1. Processes for Filing a Complaint and Resolution under the Uniform Complaint Procedure AR 1312.3 
    2. Williams Uniform Complaint Procedure (coming soon)

*AR-Administrative Regulation    *BP-Board Policy    *E-Exhibit/Example