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By now your child’s school site or individual educator should have been in contact to give you the specific directions for obtaining your student’s school packets or virtual classrooms. Because we understand the vast landscape and unique community that we have here in Southern Humboldt we cannot offer just one generic system for all of our students. Although we are trying to have each site as similar as possible, inorder to provide a robust and equitable Distance Learning Model each site has develop each its specific plan. Please referance your individial sites Distance Learning Site or  contact your students teacher for specific details if you have not already been in contact.


All students at SFHS and MJH are given a school email upon enrollment. The format for these emails is first name last name @sohumusd.com. For example: peterparker@sohumusd.com. If your student does not have access to their email, they can call the school and get assistance logging in or their password changed. Teachers may use this email address to contact students and send links to their google classrooms and zoom meetings. It is not necessary for students to access their email to access their education. This is an added resource for those who would like to utilize it.



Work will go out in packets for all students, the same as last year.

However, some students have indicated that they would prefer to access all work online, so this will be available via google classrooms. Paper copies of work may be turned in, electronic work can be emailed in, or submitted to the google classroom. Please let your teacher know if you are unable to pick up or drop off work and we will work to make arrangements to get work delivered via the bus.

Time requirements for students to complete their courses during COVID-19 distance learning will be as follows: TK/K-180 minutes a day; 1st-3rd-230 minutes a day; 4th-6th-240 minutes a day as mandated by the state of California. Please note that each student works at their own pace, and may take more or less time to complete work packets, but teachers are aiming to meet this state standard in their prepared lessons.


Packets may be picked up at Redway School every Friday between 10 A.M. and 2 P.M. Staff will be in front of the school to help make this process run smoothly.



Work is being sent out every Friday, but some teachers may only send work every other Friday depending on their class needs.


Please bring a folder, binder or some other way to contain the packets to the pickup location as files will not be provided at delivery. Every student’s work will be available at all drop-off locations on the following schedule;


On work delivery Fridays for SFHS & MJH, students may pick up work and turn in assignments:

Location Starting at Until
Miranda 7:30 8:00
Casterlin 9:00 9:15
Firecamp 9:30 9:45
Alderpoint 10:00 10:15
Harris Junction 10:30 10:45
Garberville 11:15 11:45
Redway School 12:00 1:00
Driver change in Redway at 1:00
Briceland Road 1:15 1:30
The Logs 1:45 2:00
Whthn Jnct. 2:15 2:30
Kings Peak 2:45 3:00
Shlt. Cove Firestation 3:15 3:30

On all other days of the week, students may pick up work and turn in assignments:

Location Starting at Until
Miranda 7:30 11:30
Redway School 12:00 1:00
Miranda 1:30 2:00


Work will go out every Wednesday between 10 A.M. and 2 P.M. Staff will be in front of the school to help make this process run smoothly.




Work will go every Monday between 11 A.M. and 12 P.M. Staff will be in front of the school to help make this process run smoothly.




Every day from 8:30-9:00 A.M. teachers will take daily attendance. We must take attendance to get our funding this year. This is very important. Students must join their classroom zoom every day. This can be done by logging in online, through the zoom app on a phone or device, or by calling the phone number and dialing the access code.

It will be your responsibility to make contact every day. This morning meeting can be used to ask questions regarding your requirements, the distance learning process, and getting to know your teachers and classmates. If you miss the morning zoom, you will need to call in to the office so that we can check in with you.


Attendance will be taken on Friday mornings but there will not be any of the regular zoom sessions. Teachers will be using Friday for prep, grading, training, and meetings. Teachers may also use some time on Friday to “meet” with individual students for more personal assistance.



The lunch program this year is excited to be able to serve anyone under the age of 18. Our normal fee schedule will not apply.

Sack lunches will be provided Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Redway School from 11:00 – 12:45; Garberville 11:00 – 12:45; Dean Creek Resort 10:50 (residents only). Students may also pick up lunches at South Fork High School between 12:00-12:45, as well as Casterlin or Whitethorn School between 11:00-11:30. More information is available on the food distribution website

Once the District return to on-campus instruction, students who qualified for free and reduced lunches last year will still be eligible for the first 30 days back to school. Free and reduced lunch program forms must be filled out and turned in for students to qualify for free and reduced lunches after that. Students who do not qualify will still be able to purchase lunch for $3.25.