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Hourly Classified Substitutes


On call, Day-to-Day Classified Substitutes for the school year are needed at Southern Humboldt Schools for instructional aides, secretarial/clerical staff, cafeteria staff, and maintenance staff

We pay Step 1 on the Classified Salary Schedule for Day-to-Day Classified Substitutes in the respective range of the job they are performing.

After completing the application and required documents, applicants should call to make an appointment with Tori Miclette, 707-943-1789, to sign-up to be on our classified sub list.

Current Classified Substitute Postings


The Personnel Office is located at 110 School Rd. Miranda CA 95553

Tori Miclette
Personnel Services
 Phone: (707) 943-1789
 Fax: (707)943-1921