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Casterlin School is located in the eastern portion of the Southern Humboldt Unified School District. Our school community is in a mountainous, rural, isolated area one hour east of the district office in Miranda. Casterlin students come from the area surrounding two communities, Blocksburg and Alderpoint. 

Casterlin School includes three classrooms, a computer lab, library/resource room, after school and preschool playgroup room, and a multipurpose/lunch room. Kindergarten through eighth grade students attend Casterlin. 

Enrollment this year is about 39 students. Our principal comes out biweekly, and as needed, and our teacher in charge is on campus every day. The certificated staff includes two full time teachers, an independent study teacher and an after school remediation teacher. In addition, there is a resource teacher one day per week, and a one day biweekly speech and language specialist. 

The classified staff includes four part time instructional assistants, one full time resource aide, a part time speech and language aide, a part time secretary, two bus drivers, a part time cook, a family support worker/health case manager, two part time after school paraprofessionals, and a part time custodian.