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Closing out a very unique school year…

…A message from the SHUSD District Office and Leadership Team




Dear Southern Humboldt USD Families and Staff.

This year, the efforts and accomplishments of the Southern Humboldt community stand out against a backdrop

of a mighty global health threat that has challenged us socially, economically, and emotionally in profound ways. No one
has been untouched, and our condolences go out to those who have lost family and friends to the virus. The SHUSD
faculty, staff, students, and graduates this year have demonstrated endurance, compassion, integrity, and achievement
throughout the turbulence.

As most know, our schools transitioned to remote learning in mid-March due to the COVID-19 shelter-in-place
order. It has been inspiring to witness how remarkably the Southern Humboldt Unified School District community has
come together and continued to provide dynamic learning and social-emotional support to one another.

As we bring an end to the 2019-2020 school year, we celebrate the
graduating class of 2020. While they have missed many important events, they
are a part of a historical event that may help us be more humanitarian and
noble in our future. Regardless of the past 12 weeks’ events, these graduates
are celebrated for the hard work and perseverance they have demonstrated.
We are proud of our graduating class of 45 seniors. As we say goodbye
to the class of 2020, we wish you good will and a future full of hope and

For those who follow behind in elementary, middle, and high school, we
thank you for your willingness to finish strong! It has been a challenging ending
to the school year, but we hope you have found ways to embrace the change to our typical routines. Maybe there were
fewer morning rushes and more morning walks, fewer evening commitments and more evening family dinners, fewer
scheduled events, and more time for personal growth. No matter what, we have all learned to adapt and be nimble in
our response.

  • We often have little control over what happens to us in life, but we have full control over how we choose to
    respond. Thank you, students, parents, staff and teachers for finding new ways to learn, teach, communicate, and grow.
    As we prepare to close out another year and retool for the 2020-2021 school year, we know there are many questions
    and unknowns at this point and while we all share the same feeling of uncertainty, there are several things we know:
  •  Southern Humboldt USD will celebrate the graduating class of 2020 through a community celebration. This
    event has been put on by our devoted parents and community members and will be at the Community Park on
    Saturday June 13 at 6 PM. Full details are available at sohumusd.com/sfhs/graduation2020 .
  •  Southern Humboldt USD Schools will be distributing 6th grade and 8th grade promotion certificates with drive
    thru style commencements on Wednesday June 10th from 2:00 – 2:30 pm in the Bus Lane (Redway
    Elementary) and Thursday June 11th from 6:00 -7:00 pm in front of the Art Building (Miranda Junior High).
    Specific details will be going out to students and their families. Please adhere to the same safety protocols for
    distance learning distribution, no one will be permitted to get out of their vehicles and all public health safety
    measures and social distancing protocols will be adhered to by all staff members involved.
  • Southern Humboldt USD Food Services will be serving food at each of the school sites through the last
    scheduled day of school, Wednesday June 10. The transportation department will continue to deliver food for
    the Southern Humboldt Family Resource Center until Friday June 26. Please contact the Family Resource Center
    for information regarding summer emergency food distribution.
  • Southern Humboldt School leaders will work diligently to prepare for the very best start to the 2020-2021
    school year we can possibly offer our students and families. Your feedback is important, so we ask that you
    take a moment to respond to a short survey, links to each school site’s survey are available on the District
    Website Parent Survey Portal . As more details become available from the CDC, Humboldt County Public Health,
    and state and county educational leaders, we will take your feedback in tandem with suggested safeguards to
    inform our plans for students, staff, and parents.
  •  We will work all summer to prepare with proven cleaning and disinfecting supplies with a thoughtful plan for
    ongoing disinfecting strategies.
  • We will ensure all suggested safety guidelines are met for the protection of our staff, students, and families.
  •  We will continue to communicate and keep parents and students informed as we progress over the next few

These are unparalleled times, and there are many questions and concerns for when and how our schools will
reopen. All California schools are awaiting guidelines from the California Department of Education and county public
health recommendations before plans can be finalized. Southern Humboldt Unified School District anticipates a safe
return to in-person instruction as soon as the fall, and details of that reopening are being worked out with our own
SHUSD Fall 2020 Planning Group and with our Humboldt County Office of Education partners. As we navigate these
preparations, considerations are being discussed regarding the following:

  •  Preventing infection
  • Transporting students
  • Entering school buildings
  •  Serving meals
  •  Transitioning between classes
  • Conducting large group gatherings
  •  Supporting teaching and learning
  •  Protecting vulnerable populations

Each school site has individual needs and capacities, and this will be taken into consideration by our Fall 2020
Planning Group. As part of its work, the group will explore possible modifications to class sizes and schedules,
different ways of using spaces, enhancing the use of technology in instruction, and methods for protecting the more
vulnerable members of our community by allowing them to learn or work remotely.

Thank you for your patience and support while we begin making appropriate preparations for this fall with reopening
plans that respect the health, well-being, and educational needs of our students, staff, and community. We look forward
to welcoming our students back as soon as possible.

The Southern Humboldt USD Leadership Team